Does this sound like you?

  • A parent with a child with Autism, ADD or ADHD, Or a combination of these ?

  • A person living with Autism, ADD or ADHD?

  • A friend of a person with any of these conditions whom you have been desperately trying to help and silently praying for a respite?

  • Or a person who has been led here by “coincidence” or “accident” ?

  • Undoubtedly, a person who is collapsing with exhaustion under the Financial, Mental and Emotional  burden of  leading a nightmare of an existence trying to cope with the condition(s)

It doesn’t matter how you have reached here, rest assured that you are already on your way to helping yourself and others affected by AUTISM, Aspergers, ADD, ADHD or LD.

And , the help is just a click away. Literally !

What you are about to read here  is guaranteed to shake your world !

And,  suffuse you with Energy and Inspiration to Act Immediately and liberate yourself from the pain and suffering that has followed you like a shadow from the time you have had to deal with these conditions.

Various statistics points to the incidence of Autism in the U.S and Europe as 1 in 110 children. And 1 in 70 boys.


Dr. Rajalakshmi. K

Now, let me introduce myself and share a few things that I have done, especially in the areas that I'm sure will be of immense interest to you - Healing Autism, ADD, ADHD and LD.

I'm Dr.Rajalakshmi.K, a qualified medical doctor , a Consultant in Energy Medicine and a reputed Gifted Natural Healer .

I'm considered an expert in the application of Energy Medicine and INTENT HEALING , producing amazing results in healing many illnesses, including "incurable illnesses".

To get an overview of my endeavours in the field of Energy Medicine and Intent Healing, I would encourage you to take a look at my website :

After graduating as a medical doctor from one of the premier medical colleges in India, C.M.C, Vellore, I went on to do my Post graduation, which I discontinued after 2 yrs and got into Alternative healing methods.

About 5 years ago I experienced an intense flow of energy during one of my meditation sessions, and since then people are continuing to experience miraculous healing transformations in all aspects of their lives in the healing sessions.

CNN-IBN had telecast a healing that I had done which was verified by the medical fraternity. Click here to view the same :


I’m also the  Country Contact for India for a California based organisation IONS ( Institute of Noetic Sciences) which was started by the Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell and finds mention in Dan Brown's book - The Lost Symbol.

To know more visit :

As a part of the activities of the chennai community group of IONS, I did a project where children in a school for special children (Autism and Dyslexia) were taught to do self-healing in the school itself.

This was a Unique project, done for the first time in India, with amazing results.

Later, I  also presented a paper at an International Conference on Holistic Enhancement of Learning Potential (HELP).

The title of the paper being :

 Intent Healing : Breaking New Grounds In Healing Autism, ADD,ADHD And LD- Presenting the Science and Application of Extended Human Capacities

This was the beginning of the paradigm shift in the approach to the treatment of Autism, Attention deficit disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Learning Disorders such as Dyslexia.

To know more about how you and your child can benefit from these healing energies right away, act immediately and access the power of healing encoded in this book , right away.

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The method of healing that I practice is  INTENT HEALING (Healing With Intention).  To know more about this healing method, please take a look at :

The list of people who have been treated successfully through the power of  Intent Healing in my healing sessions include celebrity clients/patients from various fields , including frontline movie stars, scientists, renowned doctors , Reiki masters and healers, Pranic healers, corporate heads and so on.

I’m particularly interested in healing children with AUTISM, ADD, ADHD, as we are witnessing amazing  miraculous results in these conditions , with INTENT HEALING.

My  patients are from different parts of the world, whom I  heal through Remote Healing.

Now, coming to why I was inspired to write this book. During the course of my healing sessions with the children with these conditions and the parents and other care-givers, I experienced a major Breakthrough Moment !

Conventional medicine And All Other Therapies being used to treat these conditions so far , in the patients who had been referred to me, had completely missed the Core Factor of what was CAUSING these conditions in the first place !

The Solution to the problem was staring us in the face , and I was amazed how Everyone had missed it so far !!

The doctors, therapists, parents, special educators…. Everyone was trying  so hard to help these children , with no satisfactory results.

And, the Solution to the issues had NOTHING to do with trying harder, or putting in more effort.

The irony was that the more effort all these people were putting in to help the child heal, the less it worked !!

So, what is it that is THE ONE reason underlying ALL these conditions- Autism, ADD, and ADHD ?

And, is it REALLY possible to heal the children in less than 30 days??

All this and more is explained in this book .

“So, where are the testimonials? Can you show me the evidence that this really works?”

I can hear some of you wondering to yourself while you are reading through this page.

My question to you is – How much do you REALLY trust testimonials?

Especially when it is from people you hardly know ?

Even if it is from people you might know, how often do you really ACT on a testimonial, especially when it is about something that is experiential?

I have a volume of video recordings as testimonials, the sessions where miracles have happened. At this point in time I choose not to share them here to protect the confidentiality of these children, most of whom have shared their deepest feelings.

At an appropriate time, if the Universe so decides, I may share it as and when appropriate.

I suggest ONLY one thing – Go by your instinct.

And Take ACTION.

 As you are reading these lines, if there is SOMETHING that is inspiring you, urging you to ACT Immediately, listen to that voice. You will not regret it.

Again, I am ONLY interested in people whose clear INTENTION is for their child/friend to be truly healed .

After all, it is YOUR  honest, deepest INTENTION that will guarantee you complete healing.

And, for those of you who may be asking “ Will I get my money’s worth that I invest in this book?”

 I’m not even going to touch upon the value of what is contained in this book. There is only one thing that each person who has experienced these healing energies says spontaneously - “ This is priceless!”

Ask yourself, “ How much money am I spending on taking care of my child/friend today? How much have I spent so far? How much am I continuing to lose in terms of work hours lost, putting my life on hold, no income, and all this with no solution in sight?”

You can do the math, and you’ll have your answer.

My purest Intention is to help you and your child heal. ASAP.

And I say this from my heart.

Looking forward to assisting you on a truly amazing and miraculous journey of healing and transformation !

May the Universe Guide You . Now and Always !

And, more importantly, may you be able to recognize and act on the signs that the Universe sends your way!



Statistics reveal the following:

  •  The incidence of Autism in the U.S and Europe is 1 in 110 children

  •  It can cost about $3.2 million to take care of an autistic person over his or her lifetime.

  • Caring for all people with autism over their lifetimes costs an estimated $90 billion per year, a figure expected to double in a decade.

  • It affects an estimated 1.5 million Americans and is increasing at a rate of 10-17 percent each year.

  • According to a new study, 19% of children who have an older brother or sister with autism will be diagnosed with autism by the time they are three years old. This is substantially higher than original estimates

  • Younger brothers were more likely than younger sisters to develop autism according to the study. 26% of the male siblings versus roughly 10 percent of the female siblings developed autism

  • The exact cause of autism is not known and there is currently no cure for the disorder.

  • The average income for an American family is around $44,000 per year. The cost of autism therapy, however, can top $70,000 per year.

  • ADHD is the most commonly diagnosed behavioural disorder of childhood, affecting 3-5 % of school aged children.

  • Most children with ADHD also have at least one other developmental or behavioral problem. They may also have a psychiatric problem, such as depression or Bipolar Disorder

  • ADHD is a long-term chronic condition.. If it is not treated appropriately, ADHD may lead to drug and alcohol abuse, failure in school, problems keeping a job, trouble with the law

Whether you are aware of the above facts or not, I’m sure that what you are undoubtedly looking for and relentlessly searching for is an authentic source for the condition to be healed.

The Universe has lead you to just the right place.

Your search stops here.

Please read further ONLY if you are truly serious in your intention to help your child/friend  get healed of Autism and/or ADHD.





Because , the power to heal your child is in your hands. Literally.

And, to unfold  the miracle of your child getting healed in LESS THAN 30 DAYS to start manifesting right from today all you have to do is to Click Here and download the book and allow the healing energies to guide you along this magical journey.

This journey is truly unique as the complete healing of your child is inextricably linked to your inner transformation and healing.

Your child has come into this world with the power and the gift of healing encoded in his DNA.

To unravel the mystery of this statement Order Your Book right away and be transported into the fascinating world of Autistic Beings.

This book will guide you and help you ride the wave of pain and suffering that you might have experienced so far, to come out transformed and healed.

With your child.

With true joy, inner peace and bliss in your heart !


Here’s a peek into what you can find in this book :


Genetics, Environment, Cellular memory , “Karmic patterns”, Past life residues manifesting in the present, Neuronal , neurochemical factors/issues, altered or different brain functioning, factors revolving around Vaccinations as the cause, “leaky-gut” factor, Diet sensitivity/issues, cause “not known”,  and whatever else your research might have thrown up as the cause of Autism and ADHD, IT DOSEN’T MATTER.


 Regardless of where you come from , and regardless of where you are in your quest for a solution to this problem that has been eating away at your soul, take heart ! This Really Works !


This book gives you -

The  ONE SOLUTION That  Addresses  All The Above Factors And More AND Manifests Healing At And From The Deepest , Most Profound Level Of Existence .

  • For the first time, as you turn the pages of this book, you are about to learn revelations about AUTISM, ADD AND ADHD that will astound you !

  • What is the TRUE CAUSE of AUTISM, Asperger’s, ADHD and LD

  •  How, unknown to you, your child is getting healed from the moment you start reading this book- your expanding awareness is changing his energies.

  • The Number 1 reason why most of the therapies available for these conditions fail or don’t deliver proportionate results- And, this has not got NOTHING to do with  lack of “effort” or “hard work”

  • Why no two Autistic people are the same

  • The number 1 thing that you MUST do with Autistic children

  • The number 1 thing you MUST NOT do with Autistic children

  • The Unexpected Truth about “Special Schools”

  • The Secret language of Autism and ADHD

  • Why conventional medicine will never be able to find a cure for Autism

  • The unbelievably simple secrets to changing your DNA and Re-wiring the damaging neural networks in your brain

  • The One thing you may be doing unknowingly that may actually be causing your child to regress

  • How the one person who DOESN’T want to see your child COMPLETELY healed may actually be YOU !!

  • How Teaching Your Child “Good Manners”, “Appropriate Behaviour” especially in social interactions and “Doing the politically correct thing” may actually be killing his creativity, augmenting poor self-esteem issues , and sowing the seeds for addictive behaviour, including addictions to substances to manifest in your lives.

In his book Reinventing The body, Resurrecting The Soul, Dr.Deepak Chopra states a few facts:

“Awareness can turn unhealthy energy into healthy energy entirely on its own. That is its unique magic.”

“ ..drugs, too, are bundles of energy, and the effects they cause in your body (including side effects) are nothing but energy patterns moving one way instead of another.”

“It would be a major breakthrough if we could manipulate the body’s energy without resorting to drugs, most of which hit the body too hard and too broadly”

This is the breakthrough that is reaching you through the pages of this book – How to Heal...

The words in this book are encoded with the power to move your energies and manifest healing, even as you are reading it !

Benefit right away from the astounding  discoveries in science that is evidence for the power of Energy Medicine as channelled through Intent Healing


P.S: Take Inspired Action Now, And Allow The Miracle of The Powerful Healing Energies To Set You Free.

Here’s your chance to open the door to healing for your child. And yourself.

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